What We Do

We offer a wide range of services

Marine Logistics

VCK Logistics offers comprehensive marine logistics services in Singapore.

We arrange storage, distribution and moving operating facilities from port to warehouse and to job site.  We have a team of highly trained and experienced staff who have a good knowledge about every aspect of marine logistics.  We prepare, plan and execute the shipment process.  We also maintain the safety of the shipment from the collection point until we deliver it to the specific location.  Each of our experts plays a specific role in ensuring that the shipments of our clients are delivered on time and in good conditions.

Entrust your marine shipments to us and you will not regret it.

Ocean Freight Forwarding

VCK-Vanuatu Air offers a full range of ocean freight services that include inbound, outbound ocean freight solutions and FCL / LCL cross trade.  We have access to a vast network of regional centres, as well as the world’s major carriers and vessel operators that enable us to accommodate almost any size of shipment to ship your cargo globally.

We also provides ad hoc container stuffing and unstuffing services to our customers.  Our experienced operations staff are able to stuff or unstuff containers efficiently to meet customers’ demands.

Air Freight Forwarding

Over the years, VCK-Vanuatu air has established its international air freight forwarding services globally with flexible approaches and personalised services to all customers.

We have close links with major international airlines, high-tech machinery and equipment, and specialised ground teams that work around the clock to ensure your goods are properly handled and delivered on time.  We are strategically located within the Free Trade Zone area at the Airport Terminal.  Air freight shipments are cleared efficiently from the various airline terminals along with our warehouse facilities to handle storage and transshipments.

With such strong air freight capabilities, you can thus be assured timely delivery of your cargo to destinations worldwide at a price that is highly competitive in the market.

Door to Door Services

Door to Door Services is the most convenient and close to zero – hassles free shipment for customers.  Our dedicated customer service staff will arrange, process, monitor and provide you with all the shipment documentations support till the delivery at door step.

Delivery & Pickup Services

Our operations comprises of our own fleet of trucks that cater to fast and reliable deliveries and pickups of our customers’ cargo throughout the day-to-day schedules.

We take care of your shipments, be it equipment, machineries, long length or bulky cargo, etc.  You can entrust them to our operations team whom provide timely delivery and pickup.

Charter Services

VCK-Vanuatu Air provides highly competitive prices and world beating level of services as well as offers the best chartering solutions to meet customers’ requirements.

Our specialised dedicated team can take care of your enquiry on charter services all the way through from providing initial quotes, advising on aircraft choice, to producing a post flight report.

Project Cargo

For our two decades of experience in the business, we have proven our capabilities in handling special bulk project cargo shipments, effectively employing the use of heavy lifting equipments such as hydraulic cranes, commetto trailers, low-bed trailers and forklifts.

We will personally supervise any delicate shipment, keep up to your objective and requirements as well as providing timely information.  You can trust us to deliver your cargo with efficient handling, quality service and reliable end-results.

Dangerous Cargo

We have dedicated staff who underwent the IATA Dangerous Good Regulations.  They are able to provide professional advice to our customers on type and class of dangerous goods before moving their shipments.

VCK-Vanuatu Air works with partners who handle nearly every class of dangerous goods across a wide range of products.  In additional, we also work closely with partners to cater a full package of services, including identification to packaging, marking, labelling and certification of dangerous good.

Exhibitions & Convention Cargo

VCK-Vanuatu Air believes that a successful event starts with the delivery of your shipment on time.

We work with established partners with most experience in handling exhibition and convention cargo to the country where the event is going to take place.  Customers can expect professional advice on the overall shipment from our dedicated team whom works closely with our partners overseas.

Customs Clearance

VCK-Vanuatu Air is more than happy to help our customers with their Customs Clearance needs.  We will do our best to help and guide you with any question or matter that arises.  We strive to provide professional service in a professionalised way.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance covers physical damage or loss of the goods whilst in transit by air, sea and land and offers considerable opportunities and cost advantages.

VCK-Vanuatu Air assists to deploy the insurance policy that benefits in protecting buyer or seller of goods.  With an insurance policy secured, customers can move their shipments with peace of mind.

Storage And Warehouse Facilities

Storage and warehousing facilities is one of the value added services VCK-Vanuatu Air provides to our customers.  Strict security screening is conducted under the regime of airport terminal.  Hence, with location within the Free Trade Zone area, you can entrust your cargo with us for few months with zero worry.

Express Service

Fast and reliable express services are provided to our customers with exclusive partners globally.

VCK-Vanuatu Air not only offers the service you required, we give you something equally important: peace of mind.  Our dedicated customer service team will monitor your shipments closely till final stage of POD: proof of delivery.